Church Politics

An awareness of the political scene brought on suddenly by the impending presidential election has got my gears turning.  As a preacher, and simply as a Christian, I am aware of the moral status of the United States (and the world in general).  I am aware of the fact that bills are entertained and passed that conflict with, or at least display a sort of active indifference towards, God’s laws.  I am aware that many “Christian,” “conservative” groups, including churches and church leaders, make it their aim to uphold God’s laws and subvert these bills by attempting to influence the voting public, or by attempting to influence the elected officials. 

However (bet you knew that was coming), I wonder if a lot of time and resources are spent trying to influence in the wrong ways.  I am not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with trying to battle for morals in this way.  I am saying that perhaps the strategy is not working, and perhaps we ought to go about it a different way.

Many, in response to what I have said so far, would quote Edmund Burke: “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”  So, preemptively, let me say that I am not advocating that we do nothing.  I am advocating that we do something more productive: influence people one by one, starting with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Put your time, energy, and resources into this, and you could help change the nation.

Think about it.  How many Christians are there out there?  And how many people do each of these Christians know?  Do you think, taking these thoughts into account, that nearly every person in the United States is acquainted with at least one Christian?  What would be the impact, politically, if every Christian could persuade at least a few of their acquaintances to follow Christ’s teachings?  There sure would be a lot more Christ-sensitive voters (and, theoretically, government officials) out there.

Forget the political scene for a moment.  All of Christianity could be viewed this way.  It is a big job taking the gospel to the whole world.  There are groups that try mass persuasion.  There are those who believe that fighting in the political scene can automatically make more disciples.  Change the country’s laws, and we can change the citizens.  All the while the grass-roots movement known as personal evangelism goes unnoticed and unpracticed.

What if every Christian made an effort to effectively share the gospel with a few lost friends, family, and acquaintances this year?  What would be the impact?  If you only persuaded one of your lost friends, family, or acquaintances to become a Christian this year, and if every other Christian only did the same, then the number of Christians would double by next year.  That’s an increase of 100%!  What if the same trend was repeated next year? That doubled number would double again!

All it takes is a grassroots Great Commission effort.  All you have to do is share the gospel with a few of your lost friends, family, and acquaintances each year.  All you have to do is make one disciple this year.  Would that take care of the Great Commission?  Nope.  But, it would be a wonderful start to double our number in a year.  Think about it.  What are you willing to do for Christ?

There’s one more thing you’ll have to do: convince your Christian friends that they need to do the same thing.

Go and make disciples…and in the mean time you might discover that the morals of our nation would change one soul at a time, if we would just do what Christ asked us to do.


4 thoughts on “Church Politics

  1. Clint,

    Enjoying your articles! We knew you were already a “p” writer long ago. Sorry, my English is no longer up-to-par; pero, mi Espanol es muy bueno un poco, un poco, cada dia. No accentos, lo siento.

    Keep the articles coming to Mexico and Charita says, “HOWDY” or “HOLA” to Sarah tambien!

    Pablo y Charita

    For the charge as for what we need to do as disciples of CHRIST.We need to get out of our comfort zone and daily routine and go out there and make disciples by teaching anybody and everybody on their behalf.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND ALWAYS REMMBER TO TO KEEP THE WORK IN YOUR PRAYERS AND MAY WE ALWAYS STAY FOCUS ON THE CROSS.

  3. I’ll “amen” all of that. I’m kinda already sick of the current presidential campaign anyway. It’s becoming ever-apparent that this is the ONLY AUTHENTIC way to change the world (and why wouldn’t it be? It’s Jesus’ way!!)

    Keep writing brother…you’re doing well!


  4. Hey Paul…uh, I mean, Pablo…
    Good to hear from you. Although, calling me a “p” writer sounds like an insult…(for those of you who don’t know what he is referring to…he meant “prolific”).
    By the way…I’m sure your Espanol does have an accent…Texan. That’s why they call it Tex-Mex. Dios te bendice.

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