Can You See Him?

I am a left-brained artist.  I am a critical thinker, and tend to be more critical than artistically creative.  This is probably the only reason that I can produce art at all.  I am so critical of my own work that I will not complete a drawing or painting unless it meets my minimum standards.  As a result, any art I produce tends to be realistic.  I do fine copying a scene or a picture, but adding any “artistic flare” has been a challenge.

This left-brained thinking also means that I have had to force myself to see things differently if I am going to produce art.  For most people most of the time a look at the world around them does not produce automatic awe and wonder at the beauty they behold.  There are moments of beauty, such as sunsets, or on vacations in “scenic” places, but the everyday world seems drab in comparison.  This is where I stand if I let myself get stuck thinking critically.

But, an artist must see more.  An artist must find beauty in the everyday to be creative and produce quality work.  Otherwise every picture will be of a sunset…and even paintings of sunsets can get old and redundant.  So, I have tried to force myself to see colors,  scenes, and objects that might seem ordinary at first glance, but that have an artistic beauty that I can put in a picture.

I think that every Christian needs to learn to see the world this way.  It is very easy to get discouraged, to notice the pain and suffering, and to get absorbed in the evil in the world.  We can focus on, and long for, the mountain top experiences in our lives, and forget to look for the blessings in the valleys.  But, this world was made by our God.  With all of the problems, this world is still wonderful and beautiful.  We just have to know how to look at it.

You may not like snow and ice storms, but the snow and ice is beautiful when it blankets the ground and crystallizes on the trees.  You may not like the drabness of late fall and winter, but the rich browns, reds, and ambers of the fields and forests are wonderful.  You may not like the thunder storms in spring, but the power, beauty, and immensity of the storms are amazing. 

Just look around and you can see beauty everywhere. 
You can see God everywhere. 
Can you see Him?


One thought on “Can You See Him?

  1. Great encouragment. I find a ride on my motorcycle on the very same roads that I drive my car down reveals a whole new world of smells and sights. We have to be in the scene, not just observing it. My often prayer is that God would give me His eyes and heart so I might catch a glimpse of this world and the people in the scene with me as He sees them. Then, having His heart, to touch them with color and love which He brings through us. Paint on brother. You do a fine job with words by the way.

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