Motivated to Serve

Let’s talk. Let’s discuss what it will take to get our churches into servant mode. I would like to hear from preachers and elders and other church leaders, but I would especially like to hear from the rest of you. What would or does motivate you personally to serve as God wants you to serve? How do we get our congregations serving as God wants them to serve?


2 thoughts on “Motivated to Serve

  1. It must begin with leadership. Leaders must recognize the gap between what God is calling His church to, its purpose, and where it is today. Once a scriptural vision is set for where the leadership wants the church to go, then the ideas for how to get there can be elicited from those very folks who will make it happen. When it is their ideas they want to be involved and make it a success. Typical focal areas for a vision are outreach, discipleship, fellowship, worship and service. The alternative is to continue to sit within the protective four walls of the church building and make sure you are doing things right instead of doing right things. Which is the difference between leaders and managers. xoxo Bryan

  2. Thanks for the questions Clint.

    As a new New Testament Christian, it distresses me that the church of Christ doesn’t have more exposure via TV and radio. Are we afraid to contend for the truth? It also bothers me that we don’t have any revival crusades or open air meetings. Many people are ignorant about what the Bible says about baptism and obeying the Gospel. Like the Bible says, (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) how will they know except they hear?

    I love it when I can participate with other believers in Bible studies with people who are searching and want to know what the Bible says. I am also happiest when I am able to witness effectively to someone who is honestly seeking and asking questions. That’s quite rare but, I suspect it’s partly because I am not quite as confident in God’s help and guidance as I ought to be.

    There’s an emphasis in the church on the ministries to homeless and street people, but honestly, they are preached to by just about everyone and many are, unfortunately, skilled manipulators of the system and us. I would love to see more outreach to hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and the like. But, I really feel like the prison and jail ministries is where we can have the greatest and longest lasting impact. I sense we allow baptism to become a stumbling block to our outreach efforts because we ask “How do we?” and “What if?” instead of just expecting God to make a way.

    I know I’m not the only one willing to serve, so, as Bryan said, faithful leaders need to step up and lead. We just need to be wary of preaching the popular social gospel and stick to the plain truth. I never would have found the church of Christ if I hadn’t been searching for a people who teach what the Bible plainly does. Many aren’t looking so I would like to see us stir up more interest in what sets us apart from the denominational crowd.

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