They really do text ALL THE TIME

The youth rally went well yesterday. We had about 140 teens from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma (and one from South Korea). We sang together a lot, which is great. We got to eat together, and teens love that. And they even pretended to listen while I was telling them to put Christ first in their lives.

So, I was telling them that Satan can use the everyday stuff in this world to distract us from what is really important–stuff like the newest cell phone, football practices, cars, TV….and texting. You should have seen some of their faces when I said, “I’m sure some of you are texting right now.” That may have been the funniest and most disappointing part of the event. But, I will say that I think it was only a handful who were texting (at least right at that moment 🙂 ).

And, now, some helpful advice from Mr. Social Etiquette: if someone is talking to you, whether it be in church, at the office, in the classroom, or just in conversation, it is always best to take a texting time out. It can wait.

This concludes our lesson for today. Thank you.


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