Average Expectations

US SoccerI LOVE soccer! And the biggest soccer event (arguably the biggest sports event) in the world is approaching. World Cup 2010 in South Africa begins June 11th.

I have an interesting, conflicting, inner relationship with the US soccer team. I want to cheer for them. I want them to go far in the tournament, to prove that US soccer can compete with the great soccer powers of the world. It would be incredible if they won the Cup.

But, I just don’t think that will all happen…at least not this year.  I suppose you could say I just don’t have enough faith in our guys.

And I have to admit I am guilty of the same problem when it comes to God and His church.  My expectations are often way too low.  My dreams are limited, and even my greatest hopes are so far below what God is capable of that I am certain He is often somewhat offended by my lack of imagination.

So, our leadership at the church here in Coffeyville recently decided to forgo our traditional Vacation Bible School this year for an alternative.  Our VBS wasn’t failing, but it wasn’t succeeding, either, with around 30-40 kids each year, and no perceivable growth.  But, after some thought, prayer, and brainstorming, we decided to hold an Art Camp.  We began planning, hoping that with enough advertising and inviting we could get 50-75 kids.

This Monday we begin our first ever Art Camp with a definite turnout of at least 125 kids, thanks to a partnership with the local Boys and Girls Club.  In fact, the number scared us so much that we decided, at least for this first year, not to do any more advertising.  Certainly there is some wisdom in operating well with a smaller number rather than being overwhelmed with a huge turnout.  But, I must admit that part of the influence on my reasoning behind the limiting of the numbers this year is a lack of trust in God’s ability to work through me and the others involved in organizing this event.

Though my heart knows that God can part seas, feed thousands, and raise the dead, my mind still has trouble trusting Him to make the best of two or three hundred excitable, enthusiastically energetic kids flinging clay around.  So, we’ll let Him do what He can with 125 energetic, clay-smeared kids.

Pray for us.  Pray for me.  We need more faith.

And the US Men’s National Soccer Team needs a miracle (or three).


2 thoughts on “Average Expectations

  1. It is true that it is hard for so many of us to have the faith that truly is as simple as asking and believing. Yet it really is that simple because He told us so in the bible so many times, if we had even the smallest faith like in Matt. 21:21, 17:20. So many times in recent life I have asked for something believing truly that God would answer and then when He does, sometimes VERY specifically, I am still amazed at it. HaHa! Which I should not be because after all I did ask and He say to do so in Matt. 7:7
    yet so many of us, myself included are still so very amazed when He answers often so profoundly that no one could denied even if they wanted to that it was the Lord answering. Yet we wonder why Jesus would cry out today “oh ye of little faith” when we put so many limits on His father’s abilities and love for us.

    • You are right, Susan.

      Peter had enough faith to get out of the boat, but after he almost drowned Jesus still said he had “little faith.” We certainly need to learn to trust God further and more. Just a little more faith could accomplish miraculous things.

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