Mission: People Who Create 1

We are supposed to strive to be like God.

That is a simple statement with a lot of theological weight. First, I have to ask if it is even possible for me to be like God at all. Second, I have to wonder if the fact that I am made in God’s image makes me enough like God to suffice. Third, I have to marvel at all of the things God can do that are recognized to be utterly impossible for me (such as parting a large body of water). Fourth, I have to cringe at the many ways I know I could be more like God, but require more will power than I currently muster. So many theologically puzzling implications in that statement, and, yet, we Christians know that it is still our goal.

We have to come to at least one important conclusion about our responsibility toward God as it regards this statement: that however we can be like God we should be like God.

Take the very first introduction to God in your Bible, for example. “God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) Certainly God is working here in ways that I can’t possibly fathom, let alone accomplish. Forming planets and stars into galaxies, raising up life in all its varied forms, and building a human being are all ridiculously incredible and impossible for me.

But, what characteristics of God in the Creation narrative are plausible for me to adopt? How about creativity?

So, here are some interesting thoughts to consider. Since God is love, followers of God are expected by God to be loving. Since God gives and is patient, then followers of God are expected to give and be patient. Since God creates, is it reasonable, then, to say that followers of God are expected to be creative?

Not creative in the sense of splashing paint on a canvas and calling it “modern art,” but a creativity informed, guided, and motivated by the very things that motivate God: love, patience, generosity, and all that other “God” stuff (not that godly creative can’t be expressed in the classical arts, such as painting…though “modern art” is a stretch 🙂 ).

Maybe the suggestion of a requirement to be creative pricks a nerve in you. “I HAVE to be creative!?!” you might retort. Well, then, perhaps we can replace the word “creative” with more “biblical” language: wise, shrewd, sensible, “become all things to all people.”

You see, God, in the least, expects us to learn to intelligently and practically deal with this world and the people in it. And that takes a lot of creativity.

So, yes, you HAVE to be creative!


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