“Mawwage is what bwings us togevah today. That sacwed awwangement. That dweam wifin a dweam.”
I love The Princess Bride. Sara doesn’t. At least she doesn’t like me reciting every line with the actors.

We had a rehearsal today for a wedding I will be officiating tomorrow. Between that, my up-coming anniversary (Sara and I will celebrate eight years August 9th), and a short Facebook conversation I had with a friend recently, I have been thinking about marriage.

I have been thinking about how silly weddings are: about how we get all “dolled up” in ridiculously hot and uncomfortable clothes; about orders of service, walking down aisles, and a short man in a suit (that’s me) claiming to have the authority to join two people in a life-long relationship. I believe it was Jesus who said something about God being the one who joins together. And, yet, I am still required to state my “authority” to marry two people–“By the power vested in me…”–in a stately and deep James-Earl-Jonesian voice.

But, weddings are beautiful, too. Women cry, and men try to get out of going, and something deep and poetic happens when two nervous, uncomfortable people promise to “have and to hold from this day forward.” That something is so miraculous only God could make it happen: two people become one person. Metaphysically. Psychologically. Physically…eventually: you know how they say married couples start to look like one another.

God is present in a marriage. Marriage counselors have been known to say that the secret to a healthy marriage is to bring God into the relationship, but that’s not true. The secret is to recognize that He is already there, that He was working to bring a man and woman together, working to form them into a couple, and working to join them in “that sacwed awwangement.”

God joins together, and when we realize that we also learn that we must not separate. We have no right to. But why would we want to? Why would we want to destroy what God has worked so hard to make? That would be like breaking the arm of the man Jesus just healed, or watching as Jesus feeds 4,999 other people with five loaves of bread and two fish, and then saying, “No thanks, not hungry,” when He holds a plate-full out to you.

God works so miraculously in marriage. And He let’s us witness it and be a part of it. Thank God for weddings.


One thought on ““Mawwage”

  1. Curt and I have been playing cards with our kids alot lately, last night we were teamed up for a game, then when we beat them pretty good Mikel tossed his cards in the pile and yelled “Cheaters! It’s not fair your married, your like one person!” he was joking and it was funny. It suprised me though (in a good way) because I don’t remember making that a huge point in our many conversations about dating, marriage etc. Especially not with him, since girls are still kind of gross and weird! It’s still pleasing to know it’s sinking in there.

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