The Real Problem in America

It’s Friday, and it seems like a good day to tackle some politics.

The polls over the last several years have consistently shown that a large majority of Americans believe this nation is on the wrong track. You’ve probably seen the numbers–it’s really the only thing the various news organizations with their various political inclinations can agree on. And, so, we have to ask two important questions:

1. Why do most Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track?
2. And, if it is true that the nation is on the wrong track, then what is the problem?

Well, I have found an excellent article that, I believe, offers the best answer to both of these questions:
We Will Never Be United As A Nation As Long As There Are Other People Besides Myself.

(Keep in mind that The Onion, for which the author of the above-linked article writes, is not technically a news organization–they are a company invested in sarcasm, parody, and made-up stories.  But, this article sill hits the nail on the head.)


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