Good News for Dead People – 2 Indescribable Evil

RisenAt one point in my short life I thought I could write poetry. We all lie to ourselves, especially when we’re young, and this was one of my lies.

My English teacher told us about a poetry contest. It involved money, which was probably in the form of scholarships (they know better than to give kids cash prizes), but I didn’t know that or didn’t want to admit that, so I submitted a poem. It was about death.

I don’t even remotely remember how the poem went, so don’t ask. It did rhyme, I think. Anyway, I just knew all good poets, the really famous ones, wrote about death all the time. It was such a deep, profound, adult, poetic subject, and I knew I just had to write about it. Besides that, I was a young Christian who was reminded often in church that Paul could have cared less if he stayed on this planet or went home to be with the Lord. I was reminded often that Christians shouldn’t be afraid to die, and that death was no big deal.

Now, I don’t think any of those ideas are entirely true, especially the last one. But, I did then, and so that was the gist of my poem; that death is just a step, or a stop on the journey, or some other nonsense.

I didn’t win any money, or scholarship. My teacher probably thought I needed therapy for writing that death is no big deal.

But, Death is a big deal. It is, as we saw in the first post in this series, the greatest and last enemy to be defeated. It is an indescribable evil that has been a blemish on God’s good creation from the very beginning.

Death is so evil and so horrible that the book of Revelation even speaks of Hades (the realm of the dead) and Death being thrown into the lake of fire along with Satan and the other enemies of God (Revelation 20:10-15).

So, God defeating and destroying this evil called Death is definitely Good News. You and I will probably die. You and I will most likely lose many loved ones in our lifetimes. You and I will surely suffer sorrow and grief. But all of that will be reversed and fixed when God kills Death.

That will be indescribably wonderful. That will be a big deal.


3 thoughts on “Good News for Dead People – 2 Indescribable Evil

    • Yep. And if the Bible calls Death an enemy of God, then it must be serious. I’ll deal with this more in the next article, but what you bring up about Death being the consequence of sin is also important. Death is a big deal because it is not just the physical cessation of life that is wrapped up in that word. It is sin, separation, mourning, murder, disease, famine, etc.

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