Free PowerPoint Sermon Resources

Many of my readers are preachers or Bible class teachers. Many of them probably use or will use PowerPoint.

I use PowerPoint for my sermons and classes. I also make all my backgrounds. So, I have a pretty good stockpile of PowerPoint sermon backgrounds/wallpapers that you might be interested in. They are absolutely free. Just click on the link in the menu up top…or click here.

I also have included some tips…in the form of rules…for preparing PowerPoint sermon presentations. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find there:
RULE #1 – Use only scripture references, not scripture texts.
RULE #3 – Use fonts and font sizes to your advantage.
RULE #6 – Learn about contrast.
RULE #8 – Do not make a slide”show.”

Well, check it out, and feel free to use anything you find helpful. So far I only have one gallery of backgrounds, but more will come. I just have to find time to upload them.


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