And now for a sociology lesson.

There are two kinds of people in this world: you and me.

Let’s explore the differences.

–You are too emotionally unstable, except of course in the truly important matters, in which case you are not passionate enough.

–You don’t know what pain is, or understand why it is so painful.

–You are generally right about a lot of things, but you still have quite a bit of room to grow.

–Your sense of humor is just slightly (but only slightly) off. And so is your hair.

–You are a horrible driver.

–You are sometimes rude and insensitive. But, that’s to be expected because you are not perfect.

–You are sometimes wrong. And when you are, it is because either a) you don’t have enough information, b) you have poor motivations, or c) you are lazy. But I usually give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it is because of a).

–You let your grass grow too high before you cut it. And your desk is too messy…unless it’s not, in which case it is too neat.

–You are too young. Or maybe too old.

–You are a hypocrite.

Now, me in comparison.

–I generally have none of the above-mentioned problems.

–If I do have any of the above-mentioned problems then I have good reasons for them.

–If I do not have good reasons for them, then I must be granted generous portions of leniency. After all, sometimes I am not perfect. Sometimes.

This concludes our lesson.


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