An Unanswered Question

Did you know that infants recognize music? Not only do they recognize it, but they can become attached to it, even specific songs or styles of music. They “dance” to it. Many are captivated by an opportunity to punch a few keys on a piano. Are they just enthralled by noise? Are they simply responding to auditory stimuli?

Even unborn babies hear music. Some expectant mothers say that they feel kicks when music plays, or even when particular songs play. Some researchers have claimed that playing Mozart or Beethoven for your unborn baby can increase brain development. Are unborn babies merely responding to harmonically correspondent sound waves?

Isn’t it simply amazing that music can match our emotions and create moods? Continue reading


It All Takes Faith

The following was a comment I left on a blog in which many athiests, agnostics, and believers were discussing belief in God.  One believer made the usual statement that we all rely on faith, but the non-believers wanted to know how those of us who use that argument reach that conclusion.  This is the clarification that I gave, I thought it would be appropriate to post it here: 

You wrote, “But in the end, it’s hard for me to be religious because God’s existence cannot be proven.”

And, yet, it is not hard for you to be non-religious even though God’s non-existence cannot be proven either. Continue reading