Standing Up for Christ 3

And here is the third and final point of my upcoming youth rally lesson. If you haven’t read parts one and two, you can start with part one by clicking here.

Third, The world is holding you back.
Because the world tells you that you can never be good enough unless you are a rock star, a football player, or a movie star. They tell you that you have to be someone important, like a brain surgeon or a governor, if you are going to contribute anything extremely valuable to the world.

When I was growing up I wanted to be an artist, like a cartoonist for Disney, and I learned how to draw Disney characters like Donald and Goofy. And then I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to rescue hurting animals. And then I wanted to be a singer. At first it was a country singer, but then I slowly realized I didn’t really like country music. Then I went to college and got a degree in Biology because I thought I had finally decided that I wanted to study and do research with wildlife. And through all of that, not once did I consider how I would use those careers to serve God, not once did I think about what was really important….not once did I seriously consider being a preacher. Despite all that, God made me a preacher, anyway.

And I am not saying you have to be a preacher. That’s another lie the world tells you: Continue reading


Standing Up for Christ 2

This is point number two in a three point lesson I’ll be giving to a rowdy crowd of teens on Sunday. You might want to start by reading point one first. Click here for that post.

Second, Your school is holding you back.
And not in the ways that you might think. Not because they teach evolution, or because there is no prayer in schools, but because they don’t expect enough from you. You are all victims of low expectations.

Your teachers and principles are used to dealing with kids: kids who goof off, kids who don’t do their homework, kids who get into fights and pick on other kids. They are so used to dealing with kids they don’t realize that you are adults, that you are capable of great things, and that you are meant for more than what they try to prepare you for.

And, again, it is not because you have bad teachers and principles. Continue reading

Standing Up for Christ 1

This Sunday I will be speaking at a youth rally. Speaking to young(er) people, especially teens, always gives me mixed emotions. There is so much potential…for disaster. I might think I am connecting, being hip, and being real, but teens have a way of looking at you with one expression while thinking the complete opposite. So, I’ll have to pray and dive right in.

I wanted to share with you what I will be saying to these young, impressionable minds. So, since I have three points I will divide it up into three posts for your reading pleasure.

I want you to hear some things today that many don’t want you to hear. Satan doesn’t want you to hear them. Your enemies in this world don’t want you to hear them. Your parents don’t really want you to hear them. But they are so important, you need to know them.

First, Your parents are holding you back. Continue reading