Truly Christian, part 2

Beautiful Things - Gungor

The latest album by the band Gungor (lead-singer’s last name) features some thoughtful artwork on the cover. At first glance it appears to be just a few brightly-colored flowers. Look closer, though, and you’ll see that the entire picture is made up of unlikely elements (click for larger image). The flowers and soil are made out of skulls, bombs, and guns.

Now, before you write it off as just another hippie picture, take a look at these lines from the chorus of the title track: Continue reading


One Hope

We moved around some when I was growing up. We lived in Colorado, New Jersey, and Arkansas, and I went to four different school districts in my kindergarten through high school years.

Each move was quite a change, although each in different ways. But, each time we moved, though I didn’t always like it I always looked forward to one aspect of it: the chance for a new start. I looked forward to the possibilities of making new impressions, of building a new reputation, of living among people who didn’t know my mistakes and my failures. I always felt like I had an opportunity to fix myself.

The problem was that I made more mistakes. In the end, despite my best intentions, I didn’t really fix myself. I didn’t really change. It was only my environment that was different.

I imagine many people have the same expectations and the same let-downs in new jobs, new houses, new churches, new communities. Continue reading