The Perfect Solution

After asking the questions about men and church, I found the perfect answer at one of my favorite blogs, The Sacred Sandwich. This is pure genius:

Get men more interested in the Bible: top it with bacon.


What Atheism Lacks

For those of you who didn’t know Steve Martin was a musician (yes, that Steve Martin)…

A comical theological argument in song: Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Thanks to Jay Guin for posting this on his blog so I could enjoy it.

Just an Amateur

I don’t think I could cut it as a journalist. I don’t have the commanding presence, the go-get-em mentality, or the hair. But I especially couldn’t cut it as a journalist because I don’t know how to conduct an interview. The following is an example of a professionally conducted interview of a well-known sports coach: Continue reading


(Originally written in February of ’07)
Isn’t it great to be on the cutting edge of technological development? No, I’m really asking…is it great? I have never been there, so I don’t know. In fact…you may want to sit down for this…my wife and I just got our first digital camera. That’s right. It’s true. We were never on the cutting edge. I think we were using the blunt side. But, we are now on our way back.

For those of you who do not yet have a digital camera, there will be a therapy session at the community center next week. Call ahead to make reservations. Continue reading

Who’s to Blame?

I have one brother, Taylor, and he is younger.  And by that I mean that he is always wrong… especially when faced with a situation of parental wrath.  Some of you may think that being the baby in the family is the best thing to be, and that the baby always gets spoiled.  Those of you who think this way have not been in a two-child home: a situation that, by some natural force not yet known to science, results in one wiser, more mature, older sibling, and one immature, pestering, trouble-causing, younger sibling, who is always to blame.

Now, to be fair, I must qualify the actual effects of this natural law of which I have spoken: the fact that the younger sibling is always at fault is not his fault. Continue reading

Cats and Dogs

We have a dog.  To all you cat-lovers out there, I am currently sticking my tongue out at you… but not all the way, because I like cats, too.  In fact, I like most anything that helps me appreciate how much God loves me more than them.  Actually, I am pretty sure that I don’t like possums.  I just cannot find any redeeming qualities in a large rodent that does little more than decorate the shoulder of the highway with a drab, rather tattered layer of fur.  At least raccoons offer a slightly less drab décor.  Certainly the subtle lines of the art-deco inspired skunk pelts give pleasant relief to the eyes (if not the nose) while driving.  But, possums are the brown shag carpet of roadside animals. Continue reading