Our fifteen-month-old daughter, Morgan, is the cutest and smartest little girl in the world, and she is learning to talk. She has known what many things are for quite awhile now. If I ask her where her nose, ears, and eyes are she can find them with no problem, and she has been able to for several months now. She points to trees, cats, dogs, books, houses, stars, pillows, lamps, cars, birds, lions, babies, bears, and many other things when we ask her to. But, now she is starting to say what they are. Continue reading


Talking in Circles

I was thinking…which is dangerous, I know…and this time is no exception, as you are about to find out…I was thinking about how I am not a big fan of talking people into doing things.  Maybe there is some event coming up for which volunteers are needed but lacking, and I decide that I need to talk to people to get them to volunteer.  I formulate my arguments, mentally categorize all the motivational things I will say and all of the possible responses until I am ready to approach that unsuspecting potential volunteer.  Not too much or too little guilt; make sure and emphasize the benefits; make the victim…I mean potential volunteer…feel that they are needed. 

And then I strike.
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