Reconsidering Holidays

Columbus PortraitToday is National Bank (and Government Offices) Sabbath Day. But, it is also Columbus Day.

I think a lot of people are disenfranchised with Columbus Day, or at least with the fact that we can’t withdraw any money. And, honestly, as long as I can remember having critical thinking skills (which, admittedly, is not all that long) I remember questioning why we have a “Columbus Day.” Didn’t he just “discover” some land that had already been discovered, and, in fact, inhabited, for quite some time?

But, there’s another aspect for us to consider from a Christian standpoint: should we celebrate what Columbus “accomplished?” Here’s a video offering an interesting perspective. Continue reading


Pacifist…or Sissy?

I have never considered myself a pacifist. I grew up in the 80s and 90s playing with toy guns and video games, watching the “heroes” in movies take out the bad guys…and like any boy in his right mind I wanted to be a “hero,” too.

But, lately I have been seriously reconsidering my boyhood position. Continue reading