Sociologists say that generations are defined by important or traumatic events. The Great Depression. World War II. Civil Rights. Vietnam. JFK’s Assassination. The Challenger Explosion.

They say the defining event of my generation is 9/11. They say that this has had a heavy hand in molding my contemporaries and me into what makes us different from our parents. Though our parents experienced it they responded to it differently, having a history of other formative events to influence their reaction.

But, I do not want to be defined by 9/11. I do not want to be afraid to fly. I do not want to be cynical and nihilistic. I do not want to be prejudiced. Continue reading


Ridiculous Christianity

I recently made an interesting discovery. I am a postmodernist.

This was something of a surprise for me because I had been told many times over that the basis of postmodernism is the belief that there is no absolute truth, and that all “truth” is relative. That simply does not describe me at all. But, while that may characterize some postmodernists it is really only a result of what truly is foundational to postmodernism: the questioning of everything established.

Now, if so far you either have no idea what I am talking about, or if you are about to give up reading because this subject gives you uncontrollable fits of yawning…well, please bear with me anyway… Continue reading