Dump Day

I read a blog by Trey Morgan, a preacher in Childress, Texas.

Trey periodically writes about mission work in Honduras. He has been several times, and has witnessed, firsthand, the poverty that he depicts in pictures and articles. What he has seen is Honduran people who live in a dump.

There are babies, toddlers, teens, young adults, the middle-aged, and the elderly who, because of life’s circumstances, have no choice but to live in shelters pieced together from cardboard boxes, plastic, and anything else they can be found at a dump. They pick through partially eaten and partially rotten food to find some nourishment. They fight with dogs and buzzards for the best scraps. They sort through mountains of trash for bottles and cans that they try to sell for a little bit of money–on a good day, maybe four to five dollars worth.

Last year, Trey decided to use his blog to try and raise money to help feed the dump people.  He was hoping for a couple thousand dollars, but people kept pledging and giving, and by the end of the day his readers raised over $11,000.  The dump people ate well at least once a week for the past year.

Tomorrow, Trey is raising money again.  I encourage you to visit his blog, http://www.treymorgan.net, check out his articles and pictures, see how the dump people are struggling and suffering, and give as you have prospered.

The following link is a documentary-in-the-making telling the story of the dump people and the missionaries who are trying to help.  This short version is about 20 minutes long (the video takes about 20 seconds to start after you hit play, so give it a little time).  A full version is supposed to be available to view on the internet in July.

*Warning: some scenes are a little graphic and very heart-wrenching.

Click to watch the documentary THE DUMP; short version from Andy Hubright.


A New American Christianity

Would you agree that Christianity is slipping in the United States? The Barna Group is a research organization that surveys the United States religious scene on a regular basis. They reported in 2006 that the population of what they call “born again Christians” has increased in the United States since the early eighties. However, the very next year, the results of their surveys showed that although the spiritual activities of Americans remained relatively stable, our belief in Biblical views was slipping. These views include foundational biblical doctrines (such as the sinlessness of Jesus, and the view of God as the “all-powerful, all-knowing perfect creator of the universe who rules the world today”).

Why are numbers of Christian “adherents” seemingly growing in America while authentic Christianity wanes? I believe a major contributor is lack of commitment and sacrifice. Continue reading