PowerPoint Backgrounds

The most often overlooked element of PowerPoint sermon preparation is choosing an appropriate background.  Sure, plenty of preachers know how to set a background color, or search the web for a generic background.  But, a good presentation incorporates the theme of the sermon into the design.  The background, ideally, should magnify your topic.  It should make a point all by itself.

So, I custom design backgrounds for every sermon I preach (often I use slight variations of the same background for a sermon series).  Below are some links to background galleries.  Some backgrounds are generic, but most are themed.

Please feel free to use whatever you would like.  But, please be honest by doing the following:

–If you post these in another location on the web, please give credit to the artist (Clint Howard), and provide a link to my blog.  This is not for me, but for you.  You do not want to give the impression that you made these when you didn’t.

–Do not sell these.  Ever.  In any form.  I offer them free of charge, and expect them to remain free no matter where they end up.  Also, do not use them in any commercial application (such as a sales pitch).

–If in doubt, ask me.

That’s it.  Browse and enjoy.




P.S. – If you need instructions on downloading and using backgrounds in PowerPoint, CLICK HERE.  This link is also provided at the beginning of each gallery.


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